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Amber Sweeney Headshot

Amber Sweeney: Singer-Songwriter

Amber Sweeney: Grammy Member, musician, and singer-songwriter. She will take you from your front porch to a tailgate with her riveting, soulful voice and melodies. Following the footsteps of her musically minded parents, Sweeney began singing at the early age of 6. Her first experience recording an album was with a church band she joined at age 15 in Los Angeles. “That was when I knew this is what I had to do,” Sweeney says as she reminisced her teenage years. Despite Sweeney’s early start and deep rooted musical guidance from her parents, she believes she could not have gotten this far without the support of her mentors who encouraged her along the way. “I thought my passion for music was a common interest, but then people around me saw that I had a talent and that propelled me.” Looking back, the most powerful advice she could remember was, “Take risks in music. Play the line as simple as…

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